Another Fake Apple Store in Lushun

This photo was snapped from a bus as I was heading back to Dalian from the small town of Lushun. I was surprised to see one of these fake stores in such a tiny city – really a district of Dalian.  

My LB didn`t believe it was fake, but luckily I had read Language Log and could reliably inform her that real Apple stores never put text on their storefronts. (Not that “Apple Orchard” was a convincing name). My LB gave me a hint as to why this store bothered to steal Apple’s store design: “If I realize something is fake,” she said, “I’ll never buy it.” (The merchandise might not necessarily be fake, actually, because Chinese stores are allowed to resell Apple stuff if they apply for a permit successfully. It’s the copying of the store design that’s illegal).

I hear officials have started cracking down on these stores back in Kunming. I don’t know how they’d manage in Dalian, because I’ve seen two or three since I got back to Dalian and I don’t even wander far from my apartment.


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